Monday, June 19, 2006

THE WHO live at Leeds, again...

Great feature on The Who on Newsnight tonight, featuring footage of their weekend gig at Leeds University, some telling interviews about their ongoing renaissance, and a clip of them rehearsing some new material, easily their best since QUADROPHENIA. It might get stuck up at the Newsnight mini-site: if not, tough, you missed it, but I've got it on the hard-disk of my Sky + box. Try clicking on the link in the title of the entry: should get you there for the rest of the week, anyway (thanks to Rab for pointing that out).

Oh, and Steve Coogan's new show SAXONDALE started tonight. Loved it: but then, the lead character is more up my alley than Partridge ever was - hirsute, well-read, smartarse, obsessed with the minutiae of the rock'n'roll life.

Which leads me to The Observer Music Monthly's feature on the fifty best books about rock: I'm as happy as a sandboy because my favourite made it to number seven, when it is usually forgotten entirely in similar lists by less august journals. Stanley Booth, unlike most music journos, writes like a dream: the review fails to mention his glorious beat style - like Kerouac, but with better taste in music.


Brandon said...

I keep reading about an Alan Partridge Christmas special. I can't find it anywhere around here. It's maddening.
Haven't heard of Saxondale, though now I'm looking forward to it.

The BBC listings over here are really hit and miss. I've seen a lot of great shows, but some of the funniest ones they completely ignore.

RAB said...

Thanks for the heads up re Newsnight. The link to the video clip is here.

Mark said...

The Partridge christmas special was great. It's the link between KNOWING ME, KNOWING YOU and I'M ALAN PARTRIDGE - it features the rampage that loses him his BBC series, leading to him ending up at Radio Norwich.