Tuesday, June 20, 2006

new LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN original graphic novel

Presumably the last thing Alan Moore ever willingly publishes through DC, and therefore history in the making.

"Acclaimed writer Alan Moore once again joins forces with artist Kevin O'Neill for THE BLACK DOSSIER - a stunning original hardcover graphic novel that is the next chapter in the fantastic saga of THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN! England in the mid-1950s is not the same as it was. The powers that be have instituted some changes. The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen have been disbanded and disavowed, and the country is under the control of an iron-fisted regime. Now, after many years, the still youthful Mina Murray and a rejuvenated Allan Quatermain return in search of some answers - answers that can only be found in a book buried deep in the vaults of their old headquarters - a book that holds the key to the hidden history of the League throughout the ages: The Black Dossier. As Allan and Mina delve into the details of their precursors, some dating back centuries, they must elude their dangerous pursuers who are hellbent on retrieving the lost manuscript…and ending the League once and for all. THE BLACK DOSSIER is an elaborately designed, cutting-edge volume that includes a "Tijuana Bible" insert and a 3-D section complete with custom glasses, as well as additional text pieces, maps, and a stunning cutaway double-page spread of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine by Kevin O'Neill. Don't miss what's sure to be one of the most talked-about books of 2006!"

Looks like they've decided not to include the audio CD insert, then. Ah well - I've always got my Sinister Ducks seven inch to fall back on. Plus - "Stunning cutaway double-page spread of Captain Nemo's Nautilus submarine by Kevin O'Neill" - how very 2000AD circa 1980!


Brandon said...

Great! When I buy this I'll have to read it in small, 10 page doses maybe once a month to make it last.

I'm very disappointed about the ABC line coming to an end, but at least it went out on a high note.

Do you happen to know if Moore actually owns all the characters? Could he take them somewhere else? Wouldn't it be great to see an ongoing silver age book from Moore and Veitch?

Mark said...

It's a sticky area: Moore swapped some of his rights when ABC was started in order to get a higher page rate, according to a bitchy aside LXG movie producer Don Murphy once made. The League features characters all in the public domain, which is why Moore and O'Neill will be publishing further books in this series at Knockabout/Top Shelf. Top Shelf published the Cob Web story that DC nixed from TOMORROW STORIES, one of the list of events that soured Moore's working relationship with Wildstorm, who were supposed to be the buffer between Moore and DC. I reckon, from the endings of PROMETHEA and TOM STRONG, that Moore considers this chapter in his work over.

And yes, I'd love to see Moore and Veitch work together again, anywhere, anytime.

QUINNER said...


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Anonymous said...

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