Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Just for Jeff

I was going to post a review of the new Primal Scream album tonight (short version - it's ace), but it started turning into a longer, more thoughtful piece that deserves a bit more work. So, instead, in honour of a conversation I had with Jeff in the pub on Friday night, here's a cracking painting of Ghost Rider by Arthur Suydam.
Happy Satan's day!


Mark said...

That Primal Scream piece, and all other blogging, may have to wait until after the World Cup.

phallus said...

btw Mark, have you seen these?

Only 5000 made, and there's a pair in the Bureau shop off Donegall Square.

Or are they not your thing?

Mark said...

Well, I love me some Adidas, but I'm more of a "samba" or "lawsuit" kinda guy.