Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Big day for the comic shops

Marvel's CIVIL WAR #2 came out today, and it's proving to be the biggest day in comic book retailing since the THE DEATH OF SUPERMAN event marked the simultaneous zenith and death-knell of the last boom period. However, and interestingly enough, what is getting the real mainstream media attention isn't the huge sales numbers (300k and rising), but the plot point of Spider-Man revealing his secret identity to the public. Everyone and their dog (The New York Post, The Howard Stern Show, Yahoo's home page, and I assure you, on the BBC homepage by tomorrow) is interested not in the business angle, but the storytelling one. And that tells me comics are on their way to regaining their status as a form of proper popular entertainment, rather than "collectibles" or cultish items for a minority audience. Now everyone's a geek.

**update** Told ya.


redlib said...

I'm thinking your glued to the TV for the World Cup? I was reading an article here that said it's like our Super Bowl, except a whole month, times a gazillion.

Can't imagine the US will beat Italy- made it to the show!

Mark said...

The World Cup is, yeah, The Superbowl x The Olympics, for a month.

Brandon said...

While on vacation in London, my group's tour leader once told me that Spider-Man is much more popular in much of Europe than Superman. Something about fascist undertones hitting a lot closer to home than they would over here. Any truth to this?

Mark said...

Never heard that one before. Maybe in Germany, but I doubt it very much. I'm pretty sure that when European kids hear the words "super man" together, they don't even think of Nietzsche, let alone Hitler.

But Batman is definitely bigger than both in France. Oh, and Brandon - love RANDOM PANELS!