Monday, April 17, 2006


Just when I'm starting to think this is a slow news month for the kinda crap I write about, along comes Neil Young, bless his flannel shirts, with news of a new l.p., LIVING WITH WAR. In a line of ticker tape news running along the bottom of his home page "Neil's Garage", he says: "I just finished a new record, ...a power trio with trumpet and 100 voices, ...recorded earlier this month, ...I think it is a metal version of Phil Ochs and Bob Dylan, ...Metal Folk Protest?" Anyway, the ticker goes on to give a list of thank-yous and credits that list the band on this project as two veterans from Neil Young And The Restless, a.k.a "The ELDORADO band", Chad Cromwell and Rick Rosas. If this project is half as vital as that (career-best) Japan-only mini-album, it'll be the best thing he's done since RAGGED GLORY. The ticker ends with the lyrics from the title track, a suitably impassioned piece of Neil's signature naive doggerel. But I don't care, 'cus as I'm reading it, I'm hearing the ridiculously big guitar sound of "Heavy Love" and "Cocaine Eyes" in my head, and ooooh yes, I've got the old Neil Young horn again.

Now don't let me down, you hairy old hippy.


Stray Taoist said...

You didn't like Praire Wind? It rocked.

Of course, I have Ragged Glory on meh iPod, having bought it on vinyl went it first came out, having grown up with Meester Young.

Mark said...

Oh, I liked PRAIRIE WIND all right (in fact, it's great for sticking on the ipod and going for walks in the country): it's just it was the first record of his I liked in a loonnng time. Plus, when I hear him say things like "power trio with trumpet" I start getting nervous.

Ali said...

I really hope he uses that grossly over-distorted, over-reverbed, 'big' guitar sound again.
Prarie Wind made me fall asleep. Nothing rocked, and the acoustic songs were too polished to be endearing. That said I've only listened to it about twice, so it may be a grower.
I'm not a big fan of the stuff he's done since Ragged Glory, although I still like the old coots dress sense!
I'm away to do some fishing!

geoff said...

I've got the old Neil Young horn again

spoken like a true rock journalist

Mark said...

The guitar sound on ELDORADO was a little bit different to, say, the WELD sound, 'cus Neil did the sessions on some rented Marshall stacks, rather than his usual Fender amps. It added a unique crispness his sound with Crazy Horse doesn't have.

The production on PRAIRIE WIND is very glossy, soporific even in places, but is elevated by his most consistent songwriting since HARVEST MOON. As I said, stick it on the iPod and go for a long walk along the coast road. It'll start making sense.

dick shakar said...

prayer wine? does that guy ever stop thinking about booze?