Friday, February 03, 2006

krap kartoonist kauses konflagration

So, it turns out World War III will be started by a cartoonist. And not even a good one, like Steve Bell, Paul Pope or Jaime Hernandez. But some second rater at a no-mark Danish paper.

Who wudda thunk it.


Anonymous said...

I always thought Frank Miller would hit someone so hard the world would explode.

geoff said...

ah! remember seeing those daredevil pictures for the first time?

Mark said...

I remember people getting stabbed a lot, and their shirts never ripping, so there'd be a big tent effect sticking out their back. Obviously, this meant they could get around the Comics Code Authority and their wacky mixed-up priorities: "hey kids, it's okay to stab people, but never tear anyone's clothing. It's just not on."