Sunday, February 05, 2006

Exclusive news, just like I was a real journalist!

So, after getting a mad attack of the fanboys on hearing Brendan McCarthy was doing an issue of SOLO for DC, I got in contact with the man himself for a spot of verification. He confirmed that yes, he's working on it now, and expects it to be out around August/September. Brendan dropped one tantalising hint about his research into the project and its influence on the possible (characteristically idiosyncratic) content: "Very much digging the 60's art of Curt Swan... I love his 'transvestite Jimmy Olsen' stories... Inadvertantly transgressive!". Can't wait for this - I'm guessing this project (like many artist's issues of SOLO so far) will be a real love-letter to the DC comics McCarthy dug as a kid.

Turns out Brendan's moved again, too: seems he's in L.A, where he's sold out of what few copies remain of SWIMINI PURPOSE at the glam Sunset Boulevard comic shop Meltdown Comics at $65 bucks a pop (now, someone tell me why doesn't this book have a U.S. publisher yet?).

And, in more Ulster-centric news, Brendan revealed he was interviewed by a Belfast radio station last week, but has no idea when it'll be broadcast. I'm guessing that'll be Arts Extra on Radio Ulster, just because I can't think of any other local radio shows that'd be up for this. Certainly none in the cultural vacuum that is local commercial radio. That said, a quick search of their site drew a blank. Dammit. If any of my local readers hear anything, let me know, pronto.


Ali said...

You know you raise an interesting point there, radio in NI is staggeringly bad.

Gerry Anderson
I don't have any time for the man, he can stroke *this*!

Mark Nolan
If this is the best we got we're in trouble.

Cool FM
When I win the lottery I'm putting all my winnings on the heads of their DJs. I'll let East European hitmen do the rest. Best money I'll ever spend.

Downtown Radio

Hugo Duncan
I remember being forced to listen to this in work at Nortel for a couple of months. It's neither big nor clever to wallow in being a cluchie.

Radio Star Country
Makes the dodgiest hospital radio sound like aparagon of slick professionalism. My folks' favourite.

Seriously, just looking at that stellar array of talent and taste, truely we are the unluckiest people in the world when it comes to radio. Thank God for the main BBC stations.
I'm away off to gouge my ears out.

geoff said...

does across the line do arts, or is it just alternative music?

Mark said...

Across The Line's just music, as far as I can tell. Indie, bar thursdays being dance music night.