Tuesday, January 03, 2006


So, being a "between jobs" actor an' all, I regularly scan the online version of trade mag VARIETY looking for career opportunities. Imagine my delight when I see this story: those moronic Murdoch-cronies at Fox may have just seen the light, recanted and are bringing back FUTURAMA. Brilliant.

As we speak, I've currently got Bender's metallic head mounted on my wall, staring down at me. If Groening wants it back, he's gonna have to offer me the big bucks.

Bender's head on my wall, five minutes ago.


Ali said...

Since I got my HD free view box (AKA Sky-) futurama is one of the things I always do a search for, subsequently I have loads of it to watch, an along with Larry Sanders makes up about 50% of my weektime viewing.
Nielsen ratings are always skewered against this type of show since the only people who can be arsed to fill in ratings diaries tend towards thick rednecks who need the money.... hence the lowest common denominator winning on American terrestrial TV almost all the time.

Mark said...

As far as I can see, those evil minions at Fox used FUTURAMA as a big stick to wield in their private war against Groening, resentful of the fact that the biggest show on their network, THE SIMPSONS, constantly pillories them.

If a network wants to kill a show, they can skew the ratings by lack of promotion, constantly moving a show's timeslot, etc. Fox did pretty much the same thing to Joss Whedon and FIREFLY. And a similar stunt to that X-FILES guy Chris Carter when he made HARSH REALMS for them.

So it seems to be a trait at the company: build them up, knock them down, try and take the credit for their earlier success yourself.