Monday, January 09, 2006

new CLERKS 2 trailer

Try it: mine's downloading VERRRY slowly.


Ali said...

I see he shoe-horned the Mrs in there. Fair enough. I'd do the same, except I'm not a famous director, and I'm not married.
Long time d/loading. !yawn!
God Dante looks angry! Perhaps the intervening years haven't been kind.
Still d/loading.
I wonder will there be game of the film?
"Clerks 2:The Clerkening"

OK Seen it. Is that Tarantino in the second shot of the teaser?

Mark said...

Kev has gotten the missus into every film since JAY & BOB STRIKE BACK hasn't he? And why not.
Well, Dante should look angry: it's over ten years later, and he's still in a shitty job that's beneath him. Poor f*ck#r.
Didn't spot Tarantino, though.