Tuesday, March 01, 2005

ah, sweet progress

A year or two ago I came to a horrible realisation: the stuff I was buying on eBay was pretty much the crap I had coveted as a fifteen year old and couldn't afford, but now had the disposable income to buy. Well, I've made progress. I'm now buying the stuff I coveted as a seventeen year old and couldn't afford.

At one level, I'm fine with this, as I'm pretty sure I was a clever, more creative, and better adjusted individual at seventeen than I am now. Scary, huh?

Anyhow, the difference is exemplified by this: instead of buying Archie Goodwin and Howard Chaykin's Marvel graphic novel THE SCORPIO CONNECTION, I'm now buying Fantagraphic's english translations of Sampayo and Munoz's ALECK SINNER stories.

At this rate, I may actually be able to beat off any accusations of arrested development in about five years! Cheers!

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Hennessy said...

I've also started trying to get issues of Sinner. Any idea how many ended getting published?
I have the first five and I've heard it went six issues, but haven't been able to confirm this or find much info.