Sunday, October 03, 2004

Yeah, but how much could I get for it on eBay?

A few internet movie rumour sites have reported recently that Simon Pegg has been putting his own name forward to play Rorschach in the upcoming version of WATCHMEN currently in early pre-production. Other than the fact that most of the casting rumours for this movie have all skewed too young (these are supposed to be a bunch of grizzled, veteran, retired superheroes after all), Pegg is a good fit. Walter Kovacs is supposed to be an brutalised, ugly little misfit hiding behind a mask, so casting Jude Friggin' Law here would be a bit of a stretch. Law would be a great Ozymandias opposite Pegg, though - the charismatic Adonis who makes Rorschach uncomfortable and tongue-tied just being around him.

My copy of WATCHMEN was signed by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons at UKCAC '88 (or was it '87? I was about 17 at the time, but my memory has been shot to buggery by the last 15 years of hard, hard drinking), by the way. Oh, and Simon Pegg personally answered an e-mail I sent to SFX magazine asking what the music used at the closing of episode seven of series two of SPACED was (I used the pseudonym Doctor Stephen Strange, and gave my address as Westchester, New York, but no-one commented on my Marvel Comics referencing). It was Lemon Jelly, of course.

Does this make me the missing link between WATCHMEN and Simon Pegg that proves he should get the Rorschach gig?

Well, yes, obviously*.

*Only joking. I promise you, my devoted readers, that I'm not some crazed madman trying to insert himself into the history of others, like a minor celebrity-obsessed ZELIG. But I am typing this right now on my laptop outside Angelina Jolie's house. I have a gun, you know.