Monday, October 18, 2004

And, as if by magic...

So, shortly after I say that comics should be more wary of the attentions of the movie industry, VIZ announces that it's dropping THE FAT SLAGS due to the, by all accounts, dire movie adaptation.

Bad movies kill good comics, I tells ya. So, lets count the fatalities: FRITZ THE CAT, HOWARD THE DUCK, TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES, TANK GIRL, BARB WIRE, and now THE FAT SLAGS. It took 10 years for THE PUNISHER to recover from its first crap adaptation. 2000AD lost all its hipster cache in the UK after the JUDGE DREDD film, and was lucky to survive. If THE LEAGUE OF EXTRAORDINARY GENTLEMEN continues into a book three, it'll be because every film critic worth his salt pointed out that the source comic was far superior to the dreary movie.

Selling a movie option might make you a fast buck in the short term, but a bad movie will make its parent comic unmarketable in the future. For god's sake, stop selling your children into captivity!